Wednesday, January 13, 2021

5 Inspiring Online Sites That Feed My Soul During This Pandemic

When the lockdown started and days passed by with no clear end in sight for the pandemic, I suddenly had an increasing hunger for God's word. I purposely sought out inspiring videos that I could watch and listen to, to uplift my spirit during this time of uncertainty.

I put out our old iPad 2, which we seldom use nowadays because Apple is no longer supporting this version and we couldn't do so much with it anymore. It has also become so slow and the built-in speakers are no longer working. However, I can still go to YouTube and Facebook with it and watch the videos there if I use earphones or speakers. So, I set up our old mini speakers and plugged it in the iPad. 

old iPad 2 I am using for online mass

My purpose was to be able to listen while I do my kitchen chores or while eating breakfast alone when Papa B and Theo are not there.  We do not usually eat breakfast together because each of us has a different circadian rhythm. Papa B is the super early morning lark, it's so hard for me to beat him when it comes to waking up first. Theo is the super late night owl, it's so hard for me to make him sleep first at night. Me? I'm somewhere in between. So, Papa B usually eats first, then me, then Theo. We all catch up during lunch or sometimes, dinner. For now, this works. But I am still hoping that everyone eventually adjusts so our small family of three can just always be together during meals.

Our old speakers that I plug to the iPad 2 are still working

Anyways, the solo breakfast has somehow given me some "me" time. I am making the most of it by feeding my soul while feeding my body. I get extra time for listening while preparing and cleaning up. Here are my go-to sites for inspiration. Oh, by the way, I have also included hearing mass in my daily routine, so the Facebook Pages where I hear mass are also listed here.

Inspiring sites that feed my soul

Bro. Bo Sanchez's Full Tank videos - The videos are short, full of wisdom, very inspiring and it is always like God speaks to me through Bro Bo's preaching. His daily reflections are based on the Gospel reading for the day that's also used in the mass. Lately, the videos have become more entertaining because of the special effects and b-rolls that Bro. Bo's editor might have been adding and I hope more people can benefit from their efforts. Also, Bro. Bo is now uploading a Taglish version of each episode. I know he is struggling with Tagalog but I give him A for effort! He has actually improved a lot and I no longer cringe with his Tagalog. Even Papa B now enjoys watching him.

Bro Bo Sanchez Full Tank
Photo credit: Bro. Bo Sanchez

Feast TV - Bro. Bo does not upload Full Tank videos on Saturdays and Sundays. Full Tank supporters on Facebook, however have access to his Saturday and Sunday videos. Since I am not yet a Full Tank supporter, what I do is watch videos from the Feast TV YouTube channel during weekends. There are so many there to choose from!

Malolos Cathedral (Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception) Facebook Page or Rev. Fr. Joseph Fidel Roura's Facebook Page - This is where our family hears mass on Sundays. We usually choose the one where Fr. Fidel Roura is the mass celebrant. Try to listen to his homily and you will know why we prefer his mass. 

Update: Fr. Fidel received a new parish assignment. He will be priest-in-charge of Our Lady of La Salette Quasi-Parish in Mountainview Subdivision, Muzon, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. This means that soon, he will no longer be celebrating mass at the Malolos Cathedral. To know his mass schedule, it is better to check out his Facebook Page.

Fr Joseph Fidel Roura
Photo credit: Rev. Fr. Joseph Fidel Roura

Three Nails and A Crown - This is Fr. Fidel Roura's YouTube channel. Here, he only uploads his homilies and not the whole mass.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish - Muntinlupa - This is where I hear mass daily during weekdays. I like the simplicity of the mass and the depth and inspiring homilies of Fr. Carmelo Estores, the parish priest. Theo and I were able to complete the Misa de Gallo masses with this page's videos. No, we did not wake up at 5:45AM to watch the online mass live. We would hear mass at around 12 noon using the previously recorded live mass. I would like to mention that learning about Blessed Carlo Acutis was the one that influenced me to hear mass everyday.

fr carmelo estores
Photo credit: Rev. Fr. Carmelo Estores / Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish - Muntinlupa

Aside from watching/listening to these inspiring videos, I sometimes read books written by Bro. Bo. and recently, "The Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod.

I only do these soul-feeding activities in the kitchen because once I go to our office (a designated room in our house), it's time for me to work.

I should say that the sites I have mentioned here are really helping me a lot, not only to become more positive and hopeful, but also to check my character. How's my patience? Am I kind today? Am I being "Jesus" to the people around me?

I am sharing these sites with you, hoping that they will also help you spiritually through these trying times.

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