Tuesday, February 9, 2016

All Moms Have These 8 Super Powers!

We, moms, might not be aware of it, but there are actually many powers that mommies inherently possess. God makes sure that we have sufficient strength and graces that we need to go through our daily chores and activities. Let me just list down the eight most powerful and dominant of these super mommy powers.

Moms are extra strong, one can move the piano all by herself!
(Just like what I did when nobody was around to help)

Moms are extra strong, one can move the piano all by herself!
Photo credit: flickr.com

  1. The Power to Choose - Yes, we can choose to be kind rather than be mean, to be loving rather than be indifferent, to smile rather than to frown, to be fit rather than be fat, to look for a solution rather than to sulk or blame others. We can always choose to be the best mom for our kids.
  2. The Power to Lead - Our husbands are not the only ones who can lead the family. Let us not totally depend on them, and expect them to always be the leader, only to be disappointed when they do not live up to that expectation. We, moms, have that power to lead too, especially, when the situation calls for it.
  3. The Power to Be Extra Strong - Of course, we, Super moms should never doubt that special strength within us. Emotionally, spiritually, and even physically, we are strong! Did you know, I was able to move the piano from the bedroom to the living room all by myself? The hubby couldn't believe it, because he said the last time he moved it, he needed the help of 3 other men. I told you, we're strong. Just believe!
  4. The Power of Multitasking - I'm sure you know how good we are at doing several things all at the same time. Cooking and washing plates while checking the progress of my homeschooler and waiting for a video to be uploaded, is something that I normally do.
  5. The Power to Teach - Go, mommies, teach your kids everything you know, at every opportunity, anytime, anywhere. You have the power to teach, and they will listen. You can show them, and they will watch you. You can teach by doing it with them and they will enjoy doing it with you.
  6. The Power to Forgive and Ask for Forgiveness - Although we are super moms, we are certainly not perfect. We make mistakes ... lots of mistakes. Let us not forget to ask for forgiveness, when we do. Let us also remember to forgive when our children are the ones who make mistakes, and the effects are very powerful for both mom and kids.
  7. The Power to Heal - We heal fevers, wounds, cough, cold, despair, boredom, frustration, broken hearts, insecurity and a lot more, with our hugs, kisses, caring, concern, alertness, sensitivity, quick action and most of all, love.
  8. The Power to Pray - This is the most powerful of all our superpowers. We cannot activate all the other powers if we fail to exercise the power to pray. God is the only source of all our powers. Without Him, we are powerless. So, just in case any of the other powers wouldn't seem to work ... or if all else fails, pray.

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MamaGoals of the Day
I end each post with the lesson/s I learned from the particular experience for the said post and keep them in mind as my "mama goals" that I can apply in everyday life and future events or activities. Perhaps they can be your parenting goals as well.

Here are my MamaGoals for this post:
  • When we think of our family first, God provides us with all the skills and graces that we need to be the best mom/parent that He wants us to be.
  • I am a supermom powered by God. Even in weakness, I am strong, because He is my strength.

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