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Hi and welcome to my blog!

I'm a supermom, just like all moms out there, because it's unbelievable how we manage to do so many things for the sake of our families. Aside from being a blogger and YouTuber, I am also a homeschool teacher, a cook, dishwasher, pet Feeder, housecleaner and the hubby's all-time assistant.

On the side, whenever I get that very elusive "me" time, I would love to finish my novel, write more songs and read, read, read!

Hubby and I have only one child

I'm a proud mom to a future bestselling novelist and animated film director named Theo. He's a very sweet, loving and talented 10 12 14 year old boy, who's also my best friend and confidante. He is the kind of son who every mom would be so blessed to have. He came to us only after 11 years of marriage.

Theo's Sparkister Series
Theo's Sparkister Book Series

The Hubby

I'm the wife of "Papa Bong", a faithful, God-fearing and protective husband, who stood by me at a time when it seemed like everyone else was against me. Our relationship as a married couple of 22 24 26 years is far from perfect. Only about five seven years ago, (more or less) I have discovered and learned to accept that we are very different individuals, coming from entirely different backgrounds with very diverse sets of values. The grace given to us during the sacrament of matrimony, God's loving care, and our son, are more than enough to maintain the love between us.


I have been blogging for 10 12 14 years now. I started a personal blog when Theo was born. Unfortunately, I wrote it on Friendster. Well, I'm sure you know why everything I wrote there is now gone forever into oblivion. Too bad, I failed to keep a copy of my posts.

I later moved to Blogger and continued writing about my life as a new mom. One day, I found out that I could earn on the internet, just by blogging. Wow! That means, I did not have to leave my son to go to work! So, I researched and did my best to learn as much as I could about earning online.

Blogging for Money
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That venture became quite successful, and it became the family's bread and butter. However, writing about family life took a back seat, in favor of topics that I deemed more profitable.

In the deepest recesses of my mind, and the very core of my heart, I had that ardent desire to go back to where I started.

What I Really Wanted to Write About

I wanted to share the joys and blessings of being a mom who witnesses the amazing transformation of the little toddler into a young man right before her very eyes.

I wanted to write about the challenges of being a breadwinner and work-at-home mom and the lessons I learn along the way.

I wanted to narrate my experiences as a homeschool teacher and share tips like where I get my resources, how I juggle a multitude of tasks in a day and what style or curriculum works for me and Theo, and what doesn't.

I also wanted to share a slice of what marriage is all about - the reality that it's not all a bed of roses - and how to survive it, even if you and your spouse are almost totally incompatible.

Most of all, I wanted to share how our family experiences God's many miracles everyday, hoping that I could spread His love and blessings to others. God is the One who gives me the strength to fill in my many weaknesses. He provides the super powers that I need to perform the many tasks that I have to do every single day.


Hence, MamaGoals.com is born. While this is more of a personal blog, written mainly for my son, Theo, I also hope that anyone who reads it can get something good out of it, and that I can make a positive contribution to the world, no matter how small it is, through this humble means.


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